This podcast covers diversity related topics this season: Black Lives Matter, Black History, Capitalism, LGBTQIA, Indigenous Peoples, Free Palestine, Cultural Appropriation, Colorism, Ableism, Religion & Spirituality, First Generation College Students, and a Small Business highlight. 

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College in a Pandemic

For the season finale, let’s reflect on the pandemic. Students have had a hard year

Ep. 11 - Stop Asian Hate

The Stop Asian Hate movement is a movement to end the racism, violence, hate-crimes, colonization, appropriation, and sexualization that has happened to Asian people, ...

Ep. 10 - POC Owned Business Issues

This episode is about issues in people of color owned business.

Ep. 9 - Religion and Spirituality

At UNLV we get to see a wider demographic of people as we are one of the most diverse campuses nationwide. Because of this, it seems important that we talk about the m...

Ep. 8 - First Generation College Students

A First Generation College student is defined as the first person in the family to attend college or the first person in the family to attend college and obtain a degr...

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